Large-format Big Bags

There are also large-format Big Bags, of larger size and capacity than the usual ones. These Big Bags are often approved to support heavier weights than usual with SWL of 1,200 kg, 1,500 kg, or even 2,000 kg with safety factors that are usually 6:1 instead of 5:1 of the smaller Big Bags.

Commonly, and due to their greater height, it is recommended that large format Big Bags be Q-Bags, that is to say, that they have internal tensors to keep them upright and stable on their base without curvatures on their sides. Another alternative to keep Large-format big bags upright and without deformations in their middle part are the Corset Bags.

Big Bag with Filling Spout
Large Format

Big Bag Cross Corner
Large Format

Type C Big Bag
Large Format

Big Bag Cross Corner
Large Format

GreenSmallDot Typical configurations

Specifications Icon 1Other configurations and sizes are also available… Contact us.

See more details of some of our Big Bags by clicking on the Specifications Icon 2 icon on their data sheets.

1. Open Top and Flat Bottom

2. Skirt and Flat Bottom

3. Top Flap (F) and Flat Bottom (FB)

4. Top Spout and Flat Bottom

5. Skirt and Discharge Spout

6. Filling spout and discharge spout

7. Open Top and discharge spout

8. Open top and buckles or ties.

Big Bag BA&FP Big Bag CA&FP Big Bag TA&FP Big Bag VC&FP Big Bag CA&VD Big Bag VC&VD Big Bag BA&VD Big-Bag-V2-BAMU
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