Small Bags for staple products

The bags for bakeries are used either to transport the bread from the bakery to the bakeries themselves, or in the bakeries themselves to serve the chosen product to the customer. These bags must be used for food handling and they must be food-certified, as required by health regulations, allowing food to be bagged safely.

The bags most commonly used by bakeries are Paper Bags: their small size and texture make them comfortable to handle bread and other products, especially when selling to customers. You may also be interested in our Cotton bags: a top string or tape can be added to close them and keep the product better.

Bags in this sector can also be used as containers for stale bread to be used as animal feed, among other uses. In this case, the most common are PP Woven Bags.

In case you handle larger quantities, you may need a Big Bag.

Our Small Bags and Big Bags are available in various sizes and configurations. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will advise you.

Bread in a cotton bag

Cotton bag with bread

Bread in a paper bag

Paper Bag with bread

Bread in a paper bag

Bread in a Paper Bag

Stale bread in Paper Bags

Paper Bags and PP Woven Bags with
animal feed stale bread

Multisac products for storing Bakery goods
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