PP woven bags priceTo offer each of our customers PP woven bags at a good price Multisac has been adapting its facilities and equipment to the market requirements over the years. This is why we can immediately supply any order, regardless of the size and timeframe. Our company is one of the most experienced in the design and sale of bags, and packaging fabrics, of the most varied models and applications: PP woven bags (for storing seeds, animal feed, flours, medicinal plants, etc.), cotton bags (for storing rice, semolina, seeds, coffee, bath salts, lentils, beans, etc.), fabrics with PE inner liners (for storing dusty products, or products that need to be preserved from humidity), Coated PP woven bags (for storing minerals, chemical products, fertilizers, etc.), powdery products, etc., powdery products that need to be preserved from humidity. ), fabric with PE covers (for storing dusty products, or products that want to be preserved from humidity), Coated PP woven bags (for storing minerals, chemical products, fertilizers, etc.), polymesh (for storing fruit and vegetable products in general), UN PP woven bags (for storing toxic, corrosive, harmful, and irritating materials, etc.) for storing paper, among many others.

Advantages of PP woven bags and their prices

PP woven bags are recognized for their high resistance, safety, and durability, as they can withstand transport, stowage, and storage processes with unbeatable technical performance. Also, when empty, their reduced size and weight allow various installations to have more free space. Thanks to its reusability, it allows you to save considerably on purchasing and/or production costs. Using PP woven bags has many benefits, and their low cost is one of them.

However, we have not become a leading company only selling PP woven bags at affordable prices. One of the main factors that make the difference in our services in an increasingly competitive market is the personalized attention we provide to each of our clients, making possible their complete satisfaction. One of our business missions is to analyze your needs carefully and recommend the best solutions.

PP woven bags price
To meet various requests, Multisac has special resources such as a 3-color printing machine that allows the company to print up to 3 colors per side on bags to reproduce your anagrams and logos accurately and describe the characteristics of your products in detail.

In addition to having a wide variety of colored fabrics and bags with inner liners in stock, we can quickly manufacture inner liners for bags by combining up to 3 sheathed bags. You won’t regret relying on our responsiveness.