PP woven bags sale

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The expert in PP woven bags sale is Multisac. There is no better option. Seven decades of experience in the sector support Multsac´s work. We have never ceased to maintain an avant-garde position. This allowed us to develop different lines of PP woven bags and small bags from these synthetic materials which are in great demand today. Our many regular customers appreciate our unique designs, designed to combine utility and durability at the highest level.

Likewise, it is worth highlighting we have gone deep into the production of bags in different types of fabrics; this allows us to have models that meet the storage and distribution needs of companies in various production sectors. Thus, for example, we have Top Hemmed (H) Polypropylene (PP) woven bags and others with Heat cut (HC) or Ultrasonic cut. Thanks to their breathability, PP woven bags are ideal for packing animal feed, seeds, and cereals. There are Coated PP Woven Bags with much lower transpiration. They are suitable for storing chemical and pharmaceutical products. We even have UN bags for loading corrosive or irritating products.

Customized PP woven bags sale

PP woven bags sale

Do not hesitate to ask for our assistance when purchasing these kinds of products or any other product in our catalog. In addition to commercializing PP woven bags at an unbeatable price within a high-quality standard, we offer the possibility of adapting our production to your company’s needs if you require specific dimensions different from our standard sizes. Moreover, we can customize the small bags and big bags you order from us, printing your logo and the characteristics of the contents in up to three colors. We make them in our workshop. We can also offer Polyethylene bags with inner liners: single, double, or even triple, giving them an unbeatable protection against humidity.

This ability to adapt to your requirements is another of the aspects in which we distinguish ourselves within our sector, aware of the new needs and demands imposed on the current market in the marketing of bags and sale of fabrics and their derivatives. Count on us to guarantee you get the ideal packing solution for your products in every case.