PP fabric

Do you know all that PP fabric can offer? The most important thing is that it offers the highest quality and excellent results in all the products we offer you, being resistant when it involves storing and moving materials. Multisac offers many products including PP fabric, as we realize that it easily meets the customer’s expectations and satisfies their needs. We have boxes and fabrics made of this fabric, which guarantees maximum performance. You can also find it in other products we provide to anyone who wants to rely on us, such as shading fabrics and tubes. PP is what you are looking for.

PP fabric, a top-quality fabric

We also work with different types of PP fabric; you only have to tell us what you are looking for, and we can give you the best advice to get what you need. We can assure you that, besides PP fabric, we work with the best materials on the market (cotton, jute, rPET… ), with the sole objective that our customers can find what they need. We work with companies and individuals and perfectly adapt to each client´s needs, providing a completely personalized service from the very first moment. We look forward to welcoming you to give you the perfect product.

To cover all customers’ needs, we offer a wide range of product variety. Discover our Big Bags, Bags, PP Bags, and other products that will be your ideal solution. If you place your trust in us, you will be placing your trust in a sustainable company that cares for the environment to the utmost. We know how important it is to take care of our environment. What are you waiting for? Contact us and find out what we can do for you.

What is PP fabric and where does it come from?

Raffia is a natural fiber yarn derived from a species of palm tree. It belongs to the Raphia genus; found in tropical areas of Africa and America.

When it is of natural origin, it is flexible, durable, and easy to dye. Its environmental impact is minimal, as it is a biodegradable fiber. It is also available in synthetic form. In this case, it is obtained from polypropylene, and its properties are similar to the fabric made of natural origin. It is also a very versatile material with multiple uses, e.g. bags.

At Multisac, we work with the best quality PP fabric to guarantee the durability and resistance of our products. Offering the perfect storage is why we work every day and why our customers trust us.

PP fabric, a very versatile natural material

The Raffia fabric is made of a natural fiber yarn derived from a species of palm tree. It belongs to the Raphia genus, found in tropical areas of Africa and America.
PP fabric

It is a popular material, as it is very resistant and versatile. Among its qualities, we can mention softness, flexibility, strength, durability… It is also a biodegradable and easy-to-dye fabric. This makes it ideal for manufacturing all kinds of elements: brown bags, sacks, baskets, hats, carpets…

The PP fabric we sell at Multisac, is of the highest quality to assure that everything you store in it is properly kept. We aim to meet customer expectations and satisfy their needs, and we can only achieve this by offering the best products at the best prices all the time. Thanks for trusting us.