Open top, flat bottom Poly jute Big Bag

Close-up of a loop from
a poly jute Big Bag.

Eco-friendly poly jute Big Bags

Jute is a 100% ecological fabric but is not as resistant as polypropylene, which is also cheaper.

This Poly jute Big Bag, i.e. polypropylene warp and jute weft, offers the best of both options. On the one hand, jute makes it environmentally friendly and substantially reduces the plastic tax. On the other hand, polypropylene makes it strong enough to support 1,000 kg with a 5:1 safety factor and reduces the cost of the Big Bag compared to what it would be if it were made entirely of jute.

The brown color of the polypropylene yarn makes its appearance jute-like.

It can be delivered in different sizes upon request.

This poly jute Big Bag is the most suitable for those companies that wish to be more environmentally friendly.

Close-up of the warp and weft of the
Poly Jute Big Bag