Houses made of superadobe

Superadobe Houses
If you are interested in building superadobe houses, Multisac can provide you with the ideal materials and the most complete and personalized advice on materials so that you can enter into this promising form of affordable and sustainable building. Our company has more than 7 decades of valuable experience, which helps us to offer users fully comprehensive and personalized advice. We are one of the best references in the sale and distribution of building materials in superadobe in Spain.

This material is a mixture of soil and clay compacted extraordinarily in bags or tubes. Its use, since it began to be popularized in the 1980s, has only grown. In this sense, structures built with this material offer excellent results in terms of temperature regulation, both in winter and summer, durability, and ease of use. Similarly, superadobe buildings represent a strong and reliable option in areas with intense seismic activity. In short, these are simple and modest structures, but in very damaged areas they can be a step forward or at least an emergency solution to provide shelter for those who need it.

Bags manufacturers for building Superadobe houses

Multisac´s team always tries to advise customers so that they can get the exact products and solutions that best fit their project specifications, including those related to these new construction alternatives. We offer tubular bags and fabrics that have been developed and perfected over decades and have the best characteristics to provide users with the foundations they need to get started in Superadobe houses.

Superadobe houses
The technicians who are part of our staff have several years of experience in the manufacturing, sales, and distribution of small bags, big bags, and fabrics. This background allows us to help our clients in a completely personalized way and to adapt ourselves entirely to their specific needs. In our warehouse, you will generally find sufficient supplies of everything you need to turn your ideas and projects into reality, with no waiting times.

Multisac is committed to the promotion of Superadobe since we can contribute in some way to the development of this good idea in our sector. We can help you if you want to know more about this matter and here you will always have the possibility to buy your best building materials from Superadobe.