Superadobe SpainSuperadobe house building in Spain is booming

Are you interested in acquiring the fundamentals of building materials with Superadobe in Spain? You can rely on Multisac’s team of professionals to find the right tubular bags and, above all, the right tubular fabrics for you to try this surprising and growing technique. Construction using Superadobe has only grown since its popularization in the 1980s. This is a very affordable, ecological, sustainable, and easy-to-use and assemble construction system. In this sense, working with this type of raw material does not require excessive qualification or training; the mixture of earth, clay, and sometimes straw is placed in compacted bags or tubes, which guarantee its extraordinary solidity.

This is where Multisac comes into play. We are manufacturers and distributors of PP woven bags and sacks in different sizes, a benchmark in Spain, with the capacity to produce the optimum models for Superadobe’s requirements. Moreover, we work with a large stock that allows us to deliver any order immediately.

Superadobe houses have extraordinary anti-seismic, thermal regulation (both in winter and summer) and acoustic performance. For all these reasons, Superadobe Constructions is a great alternative when it comes to building emergency shelters or housing for devastated areas.

Experts in Superadobe materials in Spain

If you are looking for the best building materials in Superadobe or Hyperadobe, Multisac can provide you with the most personalized attention. Our company has accumulated over 75 years of valuable experience in the manufacturing, sales, and distribution of bags and fabrics for packing and wrapping. Our veteran experience shows in the perfect configuration of our catalog and in our ability to meet customer demand. Our company’s professionals can offer you direct advice to get the products that best suit your requirements.

We have large and perfectly equipped warehouses, with an optimized logistics department, which helps us to take on any project in the fastest way anywhere in Spain, regardless of its urgency or magnitude. Our warehouses are located next to the port of Barcelona, but we take orders from all over the country. Do not hesitate to ask for the information you require.