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Mesh bags: Polymesh, Raschel…

Do you need to buy mesh bags for your business? We are experts with over 75 years of experience in the sector in Multisac. Only in our warehouses will you find the best selection of mesh bags to meet all your company’s needs. Mesh bags are a good storage method in the agriculture and food industries. The netting allows perfect breathability so that any product you store in our mesh bags will always remain fresh and perfectly ventilated.

If you are looking for a distributor to buy bags of the highest quality and with the best guarantees, put yourself in our hands, and we will advise you to find the best solution for your business. We have various products in different formats and sizes, and we are sure you will find the perfect product for your needs in our catalog.

The best company to buy mesh bags

Multisac is proud of being a reference company in the sector, with state-of-the-art technology, and offers the best materials to our customers. If you need to buy mesh bags to store or transport your products, contact our team of specialists, who can advise you and answer all your questions. We work with the best Polymesh and Raschel meshes of the highest quality.

Are you interested in buying jute PP bags? If so, you can only find the best options in the market in Multisac. Jute is a vegetable fiber, totally biodegradable. It has multiple and very varied applications for gardening, decoration, packaging… Our PP fabric is usually supplied in a width of 1 meter and is made with jute fibers of the highest quality.