Buy jute fabricAre you interested in buying jute bags? At Multisac, we are great specialists in products made with this vegetable fiber. Jute fiber is resistant and environmentally friendly. No wonder it is 100% natural, recyclable, and environmentally friendly. Jute fabrics are ideal for upholstery, gardening, crafts, decorating, and more. We have a variety of jute fabrics of different qualities and weights. If you have questions, ask our specialists so they can advise what jute fabric meets your needs.

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for fabrics, jumbo bags, or want to buy PP bags. We always have plenty of stock in our warehouses and are ready to meet any order whenever you need it. Come to Multisac and see for yourself!

How to buy jute fabric easily?

If you wish to purchase jute fabric of the best quality, we make it very easy for you: contact us to offer you the best options according to your needs. Normally, our fabrics are supplied in a width of 1 meter, but if you need other sizes, our sales team can help you.

We are a company with extensive experience and a great background of over 75 years. One of our main specialties is manufacturing, distributing, and selling jute bags. We can also supply you with fabric rolls if you require them or sell them by meter. We adapt to your needs so that you are satisfied with your purchase. It’s never been easier to buy jute fabric!