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We not only manufacture PP bags, we also sell other products. For example, we are also a leading company in selling paper bags. We sell a large variety so that whatever use, you will always have the most suitable product, from single-ply Kraft paper, white paper, with spout, to multi-layer paper. A whole world of possibilities!

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If you are looking for bags to store your products or simply organize different types of merchandise or raw materials, a great option, which also guarantees a safe transfer, is buy PP bags. Bet on quality bags made with the best PP fiber, to guarantee maximum durability and resistance. In other words, bet on Multisac’s PP bags and PP selling.

Come and meet us and discover a variety of bags, big bags, and boxes for all types of professional sectors. One way to organize and store various products sustainably and safely. Buying PP bags is probably one of the first steps for companies to store goods and raw materials, from cattle feed to sand for construction. Undoubtedly, a great option at the best price.