Mesh and PP bags

No matter what raw material your company produces, at Multisac, we have the items you need to pack and store. You may need mesh and PP bags, or you might need jute fabric. Whatever your product is, we can advise you on the best storage option.

Mesh and PP bags for your business.

We choose the best materials for our customers; we also care about the sustainability of the items we sell. We have been working and evolving since 1944 to offer you the highest quality on the market with the lowest possible environmental impact. Did you know that we pioneered contaminant-free bag washing?

If you are looking for mesh and PP bags, don´t hesitate; Multisac is the company you need. Contact us for the personalized advice you need, and let our team help you make the best choice for your business.

The best choice if you are looking for mesh and PP bags.

Selling your product in a sustainable packaging or bag has become a priority for many companies. The mesh and PP bags we make at Multisac meet these expectations perfectly: they are beautiful bags that can be personalized and reused. They are also excellent quality bags for storing, transporting, or simply serving the product to your customers.

Are you a company looking for mesh and PP bags to distribute your goods? Then come and see our wide range of products, all made with top-quality mesh and PP fabrics, with well-finished touches and a wide range of sizes and shapes to meet your needs. An affordable and practical option. Ask us for a budget, and we will assess you with bag options, setting the final price to the total number of units you need. We are the best option for bags and packaging for your business.