Colored fabricsThe best-colored Fabrics

Multisac can offer you the highest quality colored, PP, and jute fabrics. With over 75 years of experience in manufacturing, distributing, and selling bags and fabrics for containers and packaging, our company has grown to adapt to the most demanding customers’ requirements, with an unbeatable service and product offering. We try to provide our clients with the best service and fully personalized attention. Our first-class machinery allows us to print personalized designs for all our customers. Likewise, the knowledge we have accumulated throughout our trajectory marks a major difference in our ability to manufacture and provide customers with what they need, taking maximum care of the cost-quality ratio.

Colorful fabrics for various uses

The fabrics are generally used in jobs related to decoration, upholstery, and handicrafts. Therefore, they can be manufactured in various colors. The fabrics are commonly used for manufacturing bags, though. Its extraordinarily resistant properties and toughness make it the ideal material for storing various goods in Big Bags or other formats. Our customers also use our colored fabrics to make bundles (for clothes for example) or to pack other goods.

The use of alternative materials to plastic when manufacturing Big Bags and other types of bags is a growing trend given the imminent need to take care of the environment. Our fabrics are made with highly resistant and versatile components, with excellent technical parameters and minimum environmental impact.

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Colored fabrics in various widths

Multisac manufactures colored fabrics made of PP or Jute, suitable for all types of packaging and decorating. For PP fabric, we manufacture them in measures 80cm, 90cm, 100cm, 135cm, and 150cm wide, and we offer them with or without coating, depending on the customers’ requirements. Although most of our stock is white, we have no problem manufacturing colored fabrics in various widths and weights. For jute fabric, the usual measures are 100 cm wide.

Personalized attention to our customers and their complete satisfaction are some of the components of our business mission.