PP tie or PP fabric is a generic and sometimes ambiguous name. PP fabric is generally known as the fabric or thread made from the fibers of a palm tree that grows in tropical countries. PP yarns are brown, and their resistance is not very high.

In the Bags and Big Bags sector, we sometimes use the term “PP Fabric” or even “Jute Fabric” to refer to a fabric made from yarns created by extruding polypropylene chippings, or fabric made from yarns created from jute fibers, which is also a natural fiber that comes from the bark of plants (called white jute and red jute) found mainly in India and Bangladesh.

PP fabric and Jute fabric are much more resistant than “traditional PP fabric” and have become the most used option for making Bags and Big Bags. As it is so resistant and at the same time so flexible, its use is very versatile, and it has become the best raw material to create bags for transporting all kinds of materials.

PP Tie

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