Small Bags and Big Bags for storing groceries

Small Bags and Big Bags for storing groceries must comply with European regulations for plastic products that come into contact with food, and at Multisac we take this matter very seriously.

Both Multisac as a company in its processes and control systems, as well as its suppliers, products, and raw materials, are certified to provide food storage Bags and Big Bags.

Not only price is important

Food grade Small Bags and Big Bags require special manufacturing and storage processes that ensure their food-grade suitability but make them more expensive than those that are not suitable. It is very important to take this cost overrun into account when evaluating products and suppliers.

Multisac is a specialist in the supply of Small Bags and Big Bags and it has all the food certifications.

Customers are our greatest asset

Thanks to Multisac’s over 75 years of history, today we can boast thousands of customers, some of them important and large companies in the food sector. Meat companies, fishing companies, agricultural cooperatives, and distributors, for example, many of them very popular, are Multisac customers and we are proud of it.

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