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As great specialists in this field, we can tell you that there are three basic types of Big Bags: Multi-trip FIBC, standard multi-trip FIBC, and Single-use FIBC. Each of them has its unique features, adapting to all kinds of circumstances. Do you want to know which one is right for you? We can help you!

To know which is the most suitable solution for each specific case, it is important to know each client´s particular requirements. Some of the main aspects influencing the choice may be the type of product with which the bags are to be filled, the loading temperature, the number of loading cycles, or the type of transport and storage.

The best Big Bags in Sevilla are within your reach

Multisac has vast experience in the production and commercialization of all kinds of bags, with over seven decades in this sector, offering our customers a complete and efficient service. ¿What else could you ask for?

big bags in sevilla
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